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18.00 – 02.00 Shady Town Grand Finale » Holstebro Festuge

Shady Towns Grand Finale

Date: 16 June
Time: 18.00-02.00
Address: Struervej 32, 7500 Holstebro, Slagteriet (Shady Town)
Arr. by: Kulturdivisionen, Subhuset and SLASH

“The Big Bang! This is Shady Town’s grand finale, a crazy carnival that will burn until deep into the night. Colourful cabaret performances, drag queens, the Tractor Circus, the Cardboard War, the brand new Symphony Re-Think, and a party celebrating the temporary village and dancing long into the night.

18.00 Shady Town Opens
Shady Town opens it’s gates, bars and spaces from 18.00. You are welcome as fellow citizens, friends, visitors, audiences, strangers, creatures, robots, freaks… Together we experiment with co-creation and village-building, offering a thoughtful and wild vision of the art of recycling, rebuilding delapitated things but as new creations based on crazy ideas and visions for the future. Drop in for a chat, play, dance, sing and enjoy spending time together.

19.30 – 20.00 CARDBOARD WAR
Pickup your cardboard swords and join this fantastic battle! The Cardboard War is a playful, environmentally friendly and non-harming way of fighting. Join us and build your own cardboard armour and be ready to sacrifice it during battle. Prior to the Cardboard War there will be two workshops, where you can build your cardboard armour: the SUB FESTIVAL 17 on Saturday the 20th May and on Thursday the 15th of June.

20.00 – 20.30 TRACTOR CIRCUS
Machine meets man and all rules are broken. A floating stage is created as ropes are rigged between agricultural machinery, turning the collaboration between man and huge machinery literally upside-down! Together they capture the poetry – the sharp beauty of honesty and madness unfolds in a twisted universe.

20.30 – 21.30 SYMPHONY RETHINK
With a stringent and minimalist sound, though still grand and chaotic, Symphony Re-think will build the Holstebro symbol of culture, tear it down and construct a new version of ”Maren”, symbolically representing the development of a new and growing culture at the Slaughterhouse.
The two hymns of Maren will be performed by classical and rhythmical musicians – from MGK and locals, directed by Jonas K.P., visually accompanied by Victor Tambo and the de/construction team.

The Slaughterhouse proudly presents the Friday Night Slaughter Cabaret Show, Shady Town’s grand finale, a crazy carnival that will burn deep into the night. The Slaughterhouse is transformed into a colourful kaleidoscope of theatrical performances, mechanical installations, drag queens, surprising acrobatics, tap dancing, mysterious music, brand new songs and more. Come and experience the paradoxical images and poetic juxtapositions. As the evening slides from acoustic sounds into electronics, the Slaughterhouse explodes into an dance floor where you can shake and shimmy all night.

Also at Shady Town:

15.00 – 19.00 Cardboard Warriors Workshop:
Join us and build your own cardboard armour and be ready to sacrifice it during the Cardboard war afterwards. The workshop is open and everyone can join in. During the workshop, you can sign up for the big war the next day. Just show up – it is all for free! There will also be small workshops before this one – so keep your eyes open and look on the SLASH Facebook page of SLASH, Kulturdivisionen and Subhuset. Prior to this workshop you can also join the workshop at SUB FESTIVAL 17 the 20th May. Here you can also hear more about the Festuge.

16.00-20.00 Concert Hall and Shady Exhibition Room
A robotic orchestra creates a massive cathedral of sound with kaleidoscopes and shadows of light. The exhibition room is loaded with art installations, balloons, moving shadows and video art.

More information:
SLASH facebookpage
or contact us at shadytown2017@gmail.com

International Groups


  • Aleksandr Sandovicz (LT)
  • Bürgerstiftung Rohrmeisterei Schwerte (Simon Bronikowski (DE), Patricia Marioli (AR))
  • Cos Squad (DK)
  • KompaniTO (Mari Stoknes, Tamar Ohana Goksøyr (NO))
  • Kunstnerduo Morten & Jens (Morten Kromann & Jens Ardal (DK))
  • Linn Holm (SE)
  • Shady House Band (Minttu Hellstén (FIN), Björt Rúnarsdóttir (IS))
  • Shady Team (Vilja Itkonen (FIN), Marije Nie (NL), Victor Tambo (DK), Mette Sandholt (DK))
  • Stefan Tarabini (DK)
  • Teatr Brama (PL)
  • Holstebro Tambourkorps (DK)
  • Holstebro Talentakademi


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