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SLASH » Holstebro Festuge


SLASH is the old Holstebro Slaughterhouse rebuilt as Shady Town: An experimental village full of performances, activities and corners to explore. During the Festuge Week an international artist collective is formed from Argentina, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Germany, Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway, Poland and Sweden. They invade the village together with people of Holstebro. Shady Town will come alive with art installations, new circus, dance, music, theatre and more. SLASH invites you to come and celebrate past and future visions with open workshops, spectacular performances, crazy installations, market places, interactive art, a communal dinner, Slaughterhouse-style cabaret and a lot of music and dancing.

SLASH is created in collaboration between Kulturdivisionen, Subhuset and Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium

Daily Programme in Shady Town:

18:00 – Shady Town Opens: Every day at 18:00 Shady Town welcomes you with open air performances, music, drinks and a different main event every evening. You are welcome as fellow citizens, friends, visitors, audience, strangers, creatures, robots, freaks. Together we create an experiment in village building and co-creation, offering a thoughtful and wild vision of the art of recycling, rebuilding old things into new creations, and twisting ideas around to find different visions for the future. Come in and talk, play, enjoy, dance, sing and make a great time together.

INSTALLATIONS: Saturday: Opening (after the opening of Slaughterhouse) Sunday: 11:00 – 20:00 Monday – Saturday: 16:00 – 20:00

CONCERT HALL: A massive cathedral of sound opens when a robotic orchestra plays to the viewer with projection-mapped kaleidoscopes and shadows of light. The Concert Hall is a site-specific musical-architectural installation which will be activated by musical performances and live scoring of silent films. Concert Hall strives to be an unforgettable adventure and each visit to it will be different. As you progress through the building, your own shadow follows you, twirling to the beat. Starring: Ad Hoc Organized by NTL, Kulturdivisionen, Subhuset

SLAUGHTERHOUSE INSTALLATIONS: The space of Kulturdivisonen is transformed into an installatory set design, to be experienced both passive and active during the festival week. We’re working with a choreography centered around the relationship between man and machine – nature and culture – that is to stage and transform the equipments leftovers of the slaughterhouse actively. Sculptural statements and kinetic interactions, ramifies out of the slaughterhouse, where they constitute the framework of a temporary Jutlandish, wild wild west, colonist community anno 2017. Starring: MORTEN OG JENS Organized by NTL, Kulturdivisionen, Subhuset

SHADOWROOM EXHIBITION SPACE: The exhibition room is loaded with art installations, balloons, moving shadows and video art: A Bubble (Kupla), by Timo Viialainen (FIN) “I have a Bubble. A huge white plastic bubble and I am going to drag it through the city to the sea and to another land. A better land.” In this video a person is dragging a 14m x 3m x 3m sized white balloon across the trash and waste left over from the biggest “let’s all get drunk day” of Finland, also known as the first of May or “Vappu”. The year is 2017 and Finland is celebrating it’s 100th anniversary of independence. Yet it is no paradise and hard times demand desperate actions. This performance is about an escape plan.

The SLASH crew is: Jens & Morten: Morten Kromann (DK), Jens Ardal (DK). KompaniTO: Mari Stoknes (NO), Tamar Ohana Goksøyr (NO), Shady Core: Vilja Itkonen (FIN), Marije Nie (NL), Mette Sandholt (DK), Victor Tambo (DK), Shady Houseband: Minttu Hellstén (FIN), Björt Rúnarsdóttir (IS), Bürgerstiftung Rohrmeisterei Schwerte – Theater Werkstatt Schwerte: Simon Bronikowski (DE), Patricia Marioli (AR), Teatr Brama (PL) and Linn Holm (SE), Jonas Koustrup Pedersen (DK), Elona Planman (SE), Aleksandr Sandovicz (LT), Stefan Tarabini (DK). Concert Hall is created by the Ad Hoc Collective: Ranjit Bhatnagar, Frédéric Durieu, Anne Hollænder & Erik Tonning Jensen, Mr. & Mr. (Alexis Lautier & Pierre Talagrand), and Nick Yulman. The project is curated by Jean Barberis and Georgia Muenster. During the week guest artists are invited to perform in the Slaughterhouse.


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