10.00 ColourRide

Exhibition with artist Dorthe Kærgaard in Holstebro Library.

The exhibition is open during the opening hours of the library: Monday – Friday: 10.00 – 18.00 and Saturday: 10.00 – 14.00.

The paintings making up ColourRide are part of a larger series, where the artist Dorthe Kærgaard experiments with people and horse figures. In Dorthe Kærgaard’s paintings, humanity plays the main role. She attempts to portray our search through life with all its dilemmas and choices. The ideas derive from experiences, poetry, literature, the course of the world and by antique myths reflecting life today. Everyone will be able to see what the paintings represent. The motives contain many possibilities for interpretation. Dorthe Kærgaard paints recognisable figures and objects, but the viewer will in many cases probably wonder what is going on in the motif. Facing a work of art that wakes one’s wonder and curiosity is important to Dorthe Kærgard. The questions are often more fruitful and meaningful than the answers.

“Dorthe Kærgaard’s paintings are a reference to the inhumane. In style and choice of colour, a manifestation of geometry and harmony, but with motifs as almost chaotic balances, surreal combinations making the paintings stand still, offering a timeless experience and reflection.
The paintings are so saturated with impressions and plans that you feel the moment intensely, as if the moment is both now and always. They become myths. “(Torben Tangsig, 2010)


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11.00 Centaurs at home

The Centaur Village can be visited every morning. Centaurs have to be washed and combed, trained and aired. Sometimes guests drop by for a cup of coffee, perhaps they will play some music or sing a song, perhaps they have their pets with them. You are welcome to join the Centaurs at home!

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11.00 Exchange Market – Regatta after-party

11.00 – 16.00 Exchange Market
Spring and summer cleaning! Clean out your wardrobe, make-up purse and kitchen cabinets. Sort out the kids’ toys, tidy up your garage and garden shed – find the things you do not use anymore (which are too good to throw out) and bring them to the Shady Town exchange market. This market of exchange is a cashless recycling market, where you can exchange useful things with others. Place your packed stuff on long tables and feel free to take the things that you need.

13.00 – 14.00 Workshop Lullabies of the World
Spend a smooth siesta learning and listening to traditional goodnight songs (lullabies) from four different cultures. People of all ages are welcome to join the choir of singing dreamers – with or without children. In co-operation with Thiaheswery Tiaharaja.

16.00 – 19.00 Shady Town Chill Out
After the market the Shady Town Chill Out Lounge is open. Relax with drinks and music and grab your last chance to shine on the Shady Town Open Stage before the sun sets.

18.30 – 19.00 Tractor Circus
Machines meet humans and all rules are broken. With lines rigged between agricultural machinery, a floating stage is created and the way people and huge machinery collaborate is turned upside-down. Literally! Together, they capture the sharp beauty of honesty and craziness and a twisted universe unfolds. 

19.00 – 23.00 Late Night Festuge Lounge
The last Festuge night there is a chill out lounge open all evening at the Slaughterhouse, where audience and artists can sit, have a drink, chat, and exchange emails. There will be no performances tonight, but there will be relaxing music on the background! When the lounge ends, the Regatta after-party inside starts, so gather your energy to dance all night.

 20.00 – 21.15 Ghost Dance, Theatre performance of Theater Brama
Ghost Dance is an action combining music and theatre. The show is an original piece by the Brama ensemble, inspired by the work of Allen Ginsberg, Patti Smith, folk art of dying civilizations and anti-capitalist manifestos.
Directed by: Daniel Jacewicz. With: Jenny Crissey, Kimberling Longueira, Anastasiia Miedviedieva, Lesja Szulc, Aleksandra Ślusarczyk, Patryk Bednarski, Oleh Nesterov, Wojciech Rosiński, Jakub Szambelan, Piotr Śnieguła

 23.00 – 03.00 Regatta after-party
After-party by the Regatta crew

More information:
SLASH facebookpage
or contact us at shadytown2017@gmail.com

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11.00 Into the Wild

HFKD has taken a different twist on the theme of the week – ”The Wild West”- and composed a group exhibition with some of the most current contemporary Danish artists, all of whom use “The wild” as part of their works. The artists all have a common interest for nature and spirituality. The exhibition is composed of works of art with a general common theme about venturing into the unknown, the wild and the foreign, expressing the incomprehensible nature and the spirituality connected to it. The unknown is what is not yet discovered – what is foreign – and often associated with a particular notion or expectation. An exciting and thought-provoking exhibition by contemporary artists at a high professional level.

Opening hours: Friday 12-16, Saturday – Sunday 11-17
The exhibition is open from 10th June – 30th July
The exhibition is curated by Anna Bak, made in collaboration with Danish Talent Academy and supported by the Danish Arts Foundation, Færchfonden and Holstebro Municipality.

House of Art and Design is an education and exhibition house, primarily for contemporary art. It is the meeting point between a professional, creative arts environment and young students from Danish Talent Academy. The House prioritises communication and dialogue with citizens and the environment.


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12.00 Stampede

From different parts of the town, parades of people and centaurs, animals and bicycles, children and pensioners, musicians and actors, drones and stilt characters converge galloping, dancing, rolling and tripping from different parts of the town to say farewell with a final scene in front of Musikteatret. They celebrate that their foreign, unusual and poetic wildness is already a part of the Holstebro identity.

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14.00 Holstebro Regatta – Reb & Ror

The raft regatta Holstebro Regatta – Reb & Ror will fill Holstebro’s beautiful river with nice boat constructions and festive people. Come to contribute as audience or participator to mark the cultural agenda in Holstebro. However, contrary to the tradition-rich regatta on the lake, you don’t need to have strong muscles or a sailing expert in order to participate. Instead, hands must be well screwed on and resourcefulness be up top, as one of the few requirements is that the rafts should be homemade. But you are also very welcome to drift with inflatables and canoes.

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15.00 Marie Lund – Legumes

On the one hand, the works of Marie Lund possess certain enigmatic qualities in their indication of human absence. But only apparently. For the incorporation of, for example, garments and imprints, the works on the other hand point to the body’s indexical traces onto the material. And thus they also testify to living memory. – An aspect, which is emphasized by the occasional use of well-known objects and other functional equipment from the domestic sphere. On the whole, we experience that the exhibition space is wholly populated by Marie Lund’s artistic interventions. The ambiguity and the alterations between presence and absence, as well as between worked and authentic form, belong to the great qualities of the artist’s work.


Further information on www.holstebrokunstmuseum.dk

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17.00 The Feast of The Woods

The one week residency in the woods! closes with a feast. OMMA Studio Theater and singers from the workshop will sing and Tiahes Thiaharaja will dance a classic southern Indian tale about Siva who meets a princess in the woods. There may be several more performances from the Festuge workshops. We will light the campfire and cook food; spend time together round the fire; there will be moments of silence and time for a rest on the floor of the woods or up in the trees; a visit to the fairytale woods and delicious food of the woods. Further details can be found in the programme at the beginning of June.

PLEASE NOTE – the event is free of charge but you need to book a ticket in advance online. Book here


Sponsered by:

Holstebro Municipality

Holstebro Centre for the Socially Deprived

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17.00 Wild Island lør

The Wild Island is an art installation built on a platform-stage made by local scout groups in Holstebro. The platform will host works of local artists and involves citizens, local associations, schools and scout groups as well as local and international artistic groups. The theme is the “Wild Man” – the wild side present in each of us, linked to instinct, to the totemic animal and to the wild human being still present in the pagan rituals of the rural communities all over the world.

Every day different guests will populate the island from 17:00 to 18:00. On 17 June we will create the final feast event in collaboration with Holstebro Regatta // Reb & Ror, which will bring life to the whole river.

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19.00 – 23.00 Late Night Festuge Lounge

The last Festuge night there is a chill out lounge open all evening at the Slaughterhouse, where audience and artists can sit, have a drink, chat, and exchange emails with relaxing music on the background. No performances tonight! When the lounge ends, the Regatta after-party starts inside, so gather your energy to dance all night.


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Iben Nagel Rasmussen, actress at Odin Teatret, talks about her father, Halfdan Rasmussen; a wild story about the skinny working class boy, who became all Danes’ Halfdan. With poetry reading, songs, photos and film fragments, Iben Nagel Rasmussen will create a collage depicting Halfdan’s less known side: his childhood, being one of many children, living with his family in a two-bedroom apartment in Christianshavn, the early youth with unemployment, political engagement of the 30s, a stay in a “højskole”, a travel on bicycle to Spain, at a time when the Civil War was raging, his encounter with other young aspiring poets at the Young Artists’ Club during the German occupation, and onward to the road of recognition and fame.

HALFDANSK RAPSODI is not a children’s performance, but rather a journey into the sometimes bleak background from which Halfdan’s grown-up poems grew out of, richly peppered with peculiar, fun, off centre and characteristic rhymes, which came to be his signature as a poet. 

Director and performer: Iben Nagel Rasmussen, actress, Odin Teatret

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20.00 Ghost Dance

The Ghost Dance was a ritual made in response to the great crisis of Indian civilisation in North America in the late 19th century, after Western civilisation had taken over the life of Indians. The dance was done in hope of steering towards a great change: the end of the present world and beginning of a better one. In a time of hopelessness, they would dance in the belief that it would change their fate. The dance was effectively prohibited and it is associated with the shameful extermination of the population and the extinction of one of the cradles of civilisation. It was one of the many desperate cries against the spreading wave of capitalism’s cruelty. The performance is a symbolic evocation of this ritual in defence of dying values. It is our act of hope at a time when the next turn of the wheel of history seems to be unstoppable. Each generation is required to sacrifice and carry the banners of their values, which beat in the revolutionary hearts of naive idealists. For many years, the revolution in the mind of the opposition has been the guardian and manifesto in defence of minorities. We are a part of the minority who must raise their voices in defence of themselves. Ghost Dance is an action which combines music and theatre. The performance is an original piece by Teatr Brama, inspired by writings by Allen Ginsberg, Patti Smith, and folkloric art of dying civilisations and anti-capitalist manifestos. 

Directed by: Daniel Jacewicz

On stage: Jenny Crissey, Kimberling Longueira, Anastasiia Miedviedieva, Lesja Szulc, Aleksandra Ślusarczyk, Patryk Bednarski, Oleh Nesterov, Wojciech Rosiński, Piotr Śnieguła

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21.30 Birds Choir and Evening Songs

End the day with a late walk in the woods and experience the birds singing for the sun going down. Enjoy the sunset and listen to the choir of birds and sense how the city and the wood goes to sleep. With an evening song and a brief story about birds.


Sponsered by:

Holstebro Municipality

Holstebro Centre for the Socially Deprived

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22.00 Night in the Woods

Adults are invited to spend a night in the woods, from sunset to sunrise. We will gather round the campfire, tell stories and discuss life’s important questions, with breaks for silence and rest. There will be old campfire pots of coffee and tea, and we will all share bread and thoughts around the campfire. New ideas will emerge as thoughts are voiced and discussed in the stillness of the woods.

See the programme with more details by the beginning of June.

PLEASE NOTE: online registration in advance is needed.  Book your free ticket here

We close the camp with communal breakfast, to be paid cash: 50 kr.


Sponsered by:

Holstebro Municipality

Holstebro Centre for the Socially Deprived

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