04.35 Morning in The Woods

The first to rise are the birds – they sing above our heads. Morning gymnastics and morning song. We will cook our breakfast by the campfire and enjoy our final camp-meal together in the woods. We will pack our things – clear the site and bid a silent farewell to the woods.

At 1:00 pm the Festuge grand finale will take place in the “Lystanlægget” park.


Sponsered by:

Holstebro Municipality

Holstebro Centre for the Socially Deprived


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11.00 Into the Wild

HFKD has taken a different twist on the theme of the week – ”The Wild West”- and composed a group exhibition with some of the most current contemporary Danish artists, all of whom use “The wild” as part of their works. The artists all have a common interest for nature and spirituality. The exhibition is composed of works of art with a general common theme about venturing into the unknown, the wild and the foreign, expressing the incomprehensible nature and the spirituality connected to it. The unknown is what is not yet discovered – what is foreign – and often associated with a particular notion or expectation. An exciting and thought-provoking exhibition by contemporary artists at a high professional level.

Opening hours: Friday 12-16, Saturday – Sunday 11-17
The exhibition is open from 10th June – 30th July
The exhibition is curated by Anna Bak, made in collaboration with Danish Talent Academy and supported by the Danish Arts Foundation, Færchfonden and Holstebro Municipality.

House of Art and Design is an education and exhibition house, primarily for contemporary art. It is the meeting point between a professional, creative arts environment and young students from Danish Talent Academy. The House prioritises communication and dialogue with citizens and the environment.


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11.00 Marie Lund – Legumes

On the one hand, the works of Marie Lund possess certain enigmatic qualities in their indication of human absence. But only apparently. For the incorporation of, for example, garments and imprints, the works on the other hand point to the body’s indexical traces onto the material. And thus they also testify to living memory. – An aspect, which is emphasized by the occasional use of well-known objects and other functional equipment from the domestic sphere. On the whole, we experience that the exhibition space is wholly populated by Marie Lund’s artistic interventions. The ambiguity and the alterations between presence and absence, as well as between worked and authentic form, belong to the great qualities of the artist’s work.

Further information on www.holstebrokunstmuseum.dk

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13.00 Landscape after the Sea Receded

Closing performance with all participating local institutions and associations together with invited artists: The last glimpse of the changed landscape before life returns to its usual rhythm.

Directed by Eugenio Barba in collaboration with Teatro Potlach (Italy) and Rina Skeel (Odin Teatret).


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13.00 X-Day

To the polling stations! The voting citizens will be fully dressed in a fashionable pink coloured Zentai suit. The big question will remain unanswered until the last moment: will Jeppe manage to be elected as the new mayor of Holstebro?

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