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June 17 » Holstebro Festuge
10.00 ColourRide

10.00 - 14.00 ColourRide Holstebro

ColourRide - an art exhibition of works in oil and watercolour, where the artist Dorthe Kærgaard portrays the horse as a metaphor for life's volatility and all the challenges that constantly bring us out of balance.
Arr. by: Holstebro Library
11.00 Centaurs at home

11.00 - 11.15 Centaurs at home Holstebro

The Centaur Village can be visited every morning. Centaurs have to be washed and combed, trained and aired. Sometimes guests drop by for a cup of coffee, perhaps they will play some music or sing a song, perhaps they have their pets with them.
Arr. by: NTL, Théâtre du Centaure and others
11.00 Exchange Market – Regatta after-party

11:00 - 03:00 Exchange Market - Regatta after-party Holstebro

Spring and summer cleaning! Clean out your wardrobe, make-up purse and kitchen cabinets. Sort out the kids' toys, tidy up your garage and garden shed - find the things you do not use anymore and bring them to the Shady Town exchange market.
Arr. by: Kulturdivisionen, Subhuset og SLASH
11.00 Into the Wild

11.00 - 17.00 Into the Wild Holstebro

Into the Wild – Into the wilderness and the unknown. A group exhibition with some of the most current contemporary artists from Denmark, all of whom use "the wild" as part of their works.
Arr. by: Huset for Kunst og Design
12.00 Stampede

12.00 Stampede Holstebro

People and centaurs, animals and bicycles, children and pensioners, musicians and actors, drones and stilt characters appear from different parts of the town, to meet and salute Holstebro Festuge 2017 with a final scene in front of Musikteatret.
Arr. by: NTL
14.00 Holstebro Regatta – Reb & Ror

14.00 - 22.00 Holstebro Regatta // Reb & Ror Holstebro

The raft regatta Holstebro Regatta - Reb & Ror will fill Holstebro's beautiful river with nice boat constructions and festive people. Come to contribute as audience or participator to mark the cultural agenda in Holstebro.
Arr. by: Foreningen Holstebro Regatta // Reb & Ror
14.00 Tango-workshop for beginners

14.00 - 15.00 Tango-workshop for beginners Holstebro

In order to dance the Argentine tango, the couple must learn some basic steps and figures which form the basis for their tango. The man always leads the woman while dancing the tango, and she must follow the man's impulse.
Arr. by: Tango MidtVest
15.00 Marie Lund – Legumes

15.00 Marie Lund - Legumes Holstebro

Marie Lund (DK, b. 1976) is one of Danish contemporary art's most talented sculptors. Now she is presented for the first time with a solo exhibition at a Danish art museum.
Arr. by: Holstebro Kunstmuseum
17.00 The Feast of The Woods

17.00 - 21.30 The Feast of The Woods Holstebro

A festive ending of the residency in THE WOODS! OMMA Theater and singers from the workshop, Baratha Natyam Dance, the fairytale woods and food of the woods, silent time and rest. Notice: book your free tickets online in advance.
Arr. by: Ingrid Hvass, Kent Byrialsen and others
17.00 Wild Island lør

17.00-18.00 Wild Island Closing Ceremony - Navigate the Destruction Holstebro

The Wild Island is an artistic installation full of surprises. Every day artists and associations present new aspects of the wild side present within us all.
Arr. by: Isadora Pei, local scoutgroups and NTL
19.00 – 23.00 Late Night Festuge Lounge

19:00 - 23:00 Late Night Festuge Lounge Holstebro

The last Festuge night there is a chill out lounge open all evening at the Slaughterhouse, followed by the Regatta after-party.
Arr. by: NTL

19.00 Halfdansk Rapsodi Ejsing

With poetry reading, songs, photos and film fragments, actress Iben Nagel Rasmussen - daughter of the Danish poet and author Halfdan Rasmussen - has pieced together a portrait of Halfdan's less known side.
Arr. by: NTL
20.00 Ghost Dance

20.00 - 21.00 Ghost Dance Holstebro

Ghost Dance is an action combining music and theatre. The performance is an original piece by Teatr Brama, inspired by writings of Allen Ginsberg, Patti Smith, and folkloric art of dying civilisations and anti-capitalist manifestos.
Arr. by: Teatr Brama
21.30 Birds Choir and Evening Songs

21.30 Bird Choir and Evening Songs Holstebro

End the day with a late walk in the woods and experience the birds singing for the sun going down, enjoy the sunset and listen to the choir of birds and sense how the city and the wood goes to sleep. With evening songs and a brief story about birds.
Arr. by: Ingrid Hvass, Kent Byrialsen and others
22.00 Night in the Woods

22.00 Night in the Woods Holstebro

Adults are invited to the woods from sunset to sunrise. We will gather round the campfire, tell stories and discuss life’s important questions, with breaks for silence and rest. Please note: online booking of tickets is required!
Arr. by: Ingrid Hvass, Kent Byrialsen and others
23.30 Tower of Light

23.30 - 03.30 Tower of Light Holstebro

Holstebro Church inside and outside. A video mapping installation to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. With performative events every hour, 23.30, 00.30, 01.30 and 02.30, and the presence of a priest from the church.
Arr. by: Holstebro Church, Stefano di Buduo (Aesop Studio), NTL


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